Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shannon’s Adventures in Hippyland #1

If any terms and/or nicknames I use offend you, I apologize.  I write for humor value and to share my experiences with others.  I hope you can see and enjoy the humor without getting all wrapped up in perceived offense.

Recently, I have been watching some documentaries.  They have been about various subjects but most centered on the food industry and/or changing your eating style.  Saying that the films scared the wheat grass out of me would be an understatement.

Due to what I have learned, I have decided to make a lifestyle change regarding my diet.  I am sure this will be a long process.  I am sure it will be achieved with baby steps and the occasional leap.  The past few days have been leaps.

One of these leaps was venturing into the ‘Wholy Land’ of Hippyland.  I was pretty sure I would be met with pitchforks and torches.  I figured the natives would scream sayings like, “Egg Slayer!”, “Chicken Choker” (that saying was pulled due to popular misconception) and “Meat lovers should be left at the curb for recycling pick up!”  That last saying really never made it out of beta testing and failed several focus groups.

Strangely enough no one seemed to notice the obvious non-hippy’s entrance into Hippyland.  Could this place be open to all?  Most people even said hello! Now I know I’m in Hippyland!  When I stood in the produce section looking clueless people asked if I needed assistance.  I’m not talking about the employees, though they asked as well.  Regular people asked me if they could be of help!

Once I was done in the produce section I wandered the store looking for a couple of items on my list. As I perused the aisles I saw her.  She was perfect.  She was so grand and regal.  I dubbed her the Queen Hippy.  She floated around with the assurance of one who has created a close friendship with the store.  She had one baby strapped to her front and another snuggled to her back.  Both were sound asleep.  The bustle of the store was obviously familiar to them.

Once I reached the checkout lane I was a bit intimidated to find that I was directly behind Her Majesty.  Would my purchases be mocked?  I was still new to this attempt at healthy eating.  Would the Royal Blessing be bestowed upon my cart?  I just kept my focus on the conveyor a hoped she would not notice me.  She turned back to my purchases.

“Oh, that looks good”, she said.

She was speaking of my cereal choice.  I told her where I had read about it.

YES!  I had the Royal Blessing!  I felt much more confident having survived my first trip to Hippyland.  And that I received a compliment on a purchase?  Well, that was just soy-based icing on the gluten-free no animal product cake.

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