Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Caribbean Cruise – Day #1 (Pre-Fire Drill)

Cruise Time!


"Festival" = a popular cruise line with a similar name

Rick and I could not sleep of course, so we got up around 5am. We finished packing last minute stuff, made sure the kitties had food & water (enough until the kitty sitter would get there), loaded the car and shot out the door.

We had a nice breakfast, thought of stuff we had forgotten and shot off to Wal-Mart. Among other things, I picked up some kind of hair gel stuff to help straighten my hair and a brush like my stylist uses when straightening my hair at the salon (this becomes important later on…trust me).

We arrived at Port Canaveral with plenty of time to spare. We gave our luggage over to the porters, tipped them and joined the masses trying to board the ship. Things were moving along well enough that we were directed to the VIP check-in line and got right in.

We were on board the ship by 12pm. We were able to check out our stateroom and greet our room steward by 1pm.

We were on the Lido deck with our 1st drink by 2pm. I was on the Lido deck with my 2nd drink by 2:30pm. The "Festival" bartending staff pours heavy. I guess they subscribe to the theory that if you are going to pay THAT much for a drink, you should get a fair deal.Among at least 3 different alcohols in that drink there was Bacardi 151. I did not know that until after the 2nd drink.

I toasted my friends who could not be there and *I* was
quickly "toasted".

skip forward in the story

I realized a few things:
  1. I was finally on my cruise w/my hubby
  2. I was still in port
  3. I would not be on the computer for over a week
  4. I would not be talking w/my friends for that period of time
  5. I would miss the above mentioned friends
  6. I was intoxicated and therefore had some "liquid courage" to do things I normally would not
#7 is MOST important………and MOST dangerous

     7. I had a cell phone in my pocket

I called my friend Fizzy since I had her number. I rambled about things that I do not remember. I truly have no clue. I do remember the phrase, "I'm on the Lido deck and I am soooooo drunk!" I also know that I spoke freely about activities with my hubby (in our stateroom) just prior to the phone call.
Hubby AND Fizzy found all of this quite humorous. Hubby feels I should drink more often.

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