Thursday, May 5, 2016

There's something seriously wrong with me and my brain

By now all of you should have figured out that I have an odd and dark sense of humor. I have accepted the fact that I cannot stop the odd thoughts that spring into my mind. This is but one example of the crazy stuff that I come up with when I am left unsupervised.

I had a speaking event last night. It was held at a nice restaurant. Everything went quite well. At one point I needed to use the restroom. Built into the wall I saw something that took me a second to figure out. My first thought was that the restaurant had been remodeled and parts of the ‘old kitchen’ area were now used for other purposes. I saw what looked like an oven in what was now the restroom. After a minute or two it finally dawned on me that this was a baby changing table. My mind (the smart ass humor side) then thought how horrible it was that there was a ‘baby oven’ in the wall. 

Now really…tell me this does NOT look like a possible oven to you. I giggled about this for quite a while.

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