Saturday, February 16, 2013

As I am sure you have seen in movies and on television shows, emergency response departments have strange senses of humor.  We also love practical jokes.  No one and nothing is safe.

I almost pulled one over on one of my Community Service Officers yesterday. I was able to stay serious all the way until the end when she called my bluff. She ultimately did not fall for it but she did have to stop and think for a

D = Dispatcher C = Community Service Officer

D - "Police department this is Shannon. May I help you?"
C - "Hi Shannon. We have a bird stuck in an office in the bookstore. Would you send an officer to come get it out?"
D - "Sure thing. Which office is it in?"
C - "It's an office all the way in the back. Have the officer check in at the information desk and I will meet them there."
D - "Okay. How big is the bird?"
C - "It's a really small bird."
D - "Do you know what kind of bird it is?"
C - "No. It's just really small and fast."
D - "What color is the bird?"
C - "It's brown."
D - "Are there any other colors on it?"
C - "Well, it's dark brown and light brown."
D - "Do you see any black on it?"
C - "Uh, no."
D - "Okay, you're sure there aren't any other colors on it?"
C - "I don't think so."
D - "So, you don't see any red feathers?"
C - "No. I didn't see any red."
D - "You're sure. If you see red feathers, you have to get people away from the bird."
C - "I didn't see any red feathers."
D - "You know you can tell by the color of the plumage if a bird is venomous, right?"

::long pause::

::nervous laughter:: 

C - "NUH-UH!" 

At that point the jig was up. We both had a good laugh and I felt accomplished for the day.

Police work is serious business people! (but we do have our fun moments)     ;-)

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